The TV Thing …

clapperboard-movie-spotlight-photo-hd-wallpaperThere were a lot of things that could’ve gone better, to be honest. We could’ve got more than 3 hours sleep before driving the hour and a half from Peterborough to Keswick.

It would have been nice to have been able to hear myself in the monitor (or perhaps not, since after 5 gigs in 4 days my voice felt hoarse and crackling and I was so nervous I could barely BREATHE).

It would have been REALLY nice if my period hadn’t
decided to come 5 days early to suprise me 20 minutes before we went in front of the cameras. Also, I forgot my painkillers 🙁

BUT … I love singing with a full band.

And these guys aren’t just gun-slingers, they’re sharp-shooters: Aubrey Dayle on Drums, Dale Russell on lead guitar, Rob Laidlaw on bass and Dave Chester on keyboards. They took my indie, girl-on-a-barstool-with-a-beaten-guitar song and vamped it up into an EPIC tune with a late-seventies GirlRawk feel that I freakin’ LOVE.
I got lost in the moment and danced around, forgetting about the cameras, the long morning drive, the lack of sleep, the crampy belly, and the scary voice.

I have no idea how looked or sounded from the camera side of things, but I’ll say this:


#theRADDcollective #chaletstudios #omyfuckinggawdthatwasfun

Stephen Leacock Theatre - Keswick ON

Stephen Leacock Theatre – Keswick ON

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