The Fearless Creative Ep 7 – Songwriting And Collaboration

Fearless CreativeToday on The Fearless Creative we sit down to chat about songwriting and collaboration. Although we’ve been at this musical journey together for 3 years we still struggle to achieve those truly creative collaborative moments. We’re getting better but it’s been quite a journey indeed! Have a listen and leave a comment. Are you a songwriter? What’s you’re process?

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  1. Chuck Sadosky September 30, 2016 at 2:30 pm #

    Interesting conversation… What’s my process, hmm. Let me reflect first. I started writing solo (in my mid-teens), most often with a simple riff or melody coming into my head, often at the strangest times. I learned I needed to get that riff, etc. recorded or written ASAP or it was history. I have dozens lost to history. Those riffs 25% of the time could be combined with other ideas to become a song quickly. How much did mood influence the song and lyrics, hmm, about 110%. Those other 75%? Some material would stay in a holding pattern for 10+ years until that Ah Ha moment. Much of my writing still follows that pattern. But…

    I did a lot of collaborative writing (10+ years). Where? In band settings. It wasn’t much different than my solo writing experiences, but now it was those members who pursued that skill, would present something, a riff, rarely a complete, arranged piece, and we would build on the idea. It was more of a nodding the head, yeah, yeah approach. Probably not much different to what you and Carol do.

    I do have a comment on the ideas in the conversation, and maybe it’s a reflection of what I hear in the industry today: formulas. I believe we have become obsessed with finding a correct, or approved formula and there is where the creativity stalls. I recently saw a challenge to write 30 songs in 30 days, with a formula of course. I have known songwriter/artists over the years who have written 500+ songs, many becoming gold or platinum hits. Formulas don’t often come up in the equation. Just thoughts IMHO. Thanks for sharing your talents you guys. Peace. Chuck

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