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CrownLand Camping

As I lay in the bath letting 3 days worth of sweat, soot, and grime soak from skin, I realized that I have a lot more cuts, scrapes, and bruises than I’d originally thought. Which must mean that I had an even better time than I knew, since I didn’t even NOTICE doing this much […]


The TV Thing …

There were a lot of things that could’ve gone better, to be honest. We could’ve got more than 3 hours sleep before driving the hour and a half from Peterborough to Keswick. It would have been nice to have been able to hear myself in the monitor (or perhaps not, since after 5 gigs in […]

$1000 Ukulele

$1000 on a ukulele?!?!

You can buy a beginner’s Denver ukulele for about $40 CAN and it will play any song you ask of it, especially if you’re sticking to chords. Even so, you’ll notice a few chords being particularly difficult to play (Bb is a bitch) because the action’s a bit high, and if you start wandering up […]


Busking From Your Livingroom?

Busking From Your Livingroom? What’s this you say? Jam in my pyjamas in the comfort of my living room and have an audience of people from around the world?  And those people are an awesome community of performers, artists, and artist-supporters who share and collaborate with each other? AND they can TIP ME via PayPal?  […]


Happy Mother’s Day

Whenever I can afford to (which isn’t as often or as much as I would like), I love spending time with, and spoiling my mum on Mother’s day. Not because I feel like I owe it to her for all her years of dedicated care, or because I feel obligated to do so by consumer […]