Shwandering Minstrel – Day 2

Carol Busking 1

I may not make a lot of money busking on any given day; but that doesn’t mean I don’t make a lot…

Some of the more interesting things I’ve earned busking:

  • A leather thong with seashell, feather, and a small round stone attached
  • 50 pesos
  • A loaf of freshly baked bread (still warm)
  • Cigarettes / a light
  • Offers of beer (in a park at noon on a Tuesday? – OITS (Only In The ‘Shwa) – graciously declined.
  • Coffees/water/pop
  • Half a turkey sandwich
  • Bowls of soup (The Table baby; so derishous)
  • WINE. 😀 (unopened bottle – SUPERSCORE!!!)
  • Hugs. (these mean more to me than I can say, especially from young children)
  • The time of people who hadn’t any intention of stopping during their busy day to listen to me.

This last is probably one of the coolest things for me. To have people listen to you at a pub or festival is one thing; but to have someone stop in their tracks as they head to work (or home; or wherever they’re headed) is something entirely different. A magical thing. This person didn’t walk down the street expecting to be entertained, and to be honest most of them don’t’ have the time to spare. They’ve got other things on their mind.

But sometimes they DO stop. And something happens … A moment where they are suddenly outside of their normal routine; where they aren’t thinking about what they ought to be doing or wherever they’ve come from. A moment outside of time. that we share; that may last a few seconds or a few minutes, where they connect with something in the music; and I get to be a part of that connection.

And in those moments, whether or not they put something in my case, I feel like I’ve earned something of value.

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  1. Shannon Barill July 30, 2015 at 10:10 am #

    I love that last one too! Sometimes when I’m just out walking and I pass by people and it’s clear they’re busy or preoccupied… I always look them in the eye and give them a nod and a smile with all of me behind it… and sometimes that look of surprise and the smile back that I get… it just makes my day. I know that even though it was just a small short connection, it was there and it mattered. I was present, they were present, and maybe now they’ll be present for someone else too. We made a small splash in our little corner of the world – and it was a positive one – and now those ripples are gonna’ travel outward. 😀 Definitely something of value!

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