Carol Channelling

Music is meditation for me;  I really lose myself in a song, and get transported away to another world.  Whenever I’m upset or frustrated, I can play a tune in my head and be miles away.

Powerful female singers like Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplane), Joan Jett, Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac), and Florence Welsh (Florence + The Machine) are a huge inspiration to me, and cover a lot of their music. I also love male artists like Freddy Mercury, Eddie Veddar,  and Johnny Cash, so it’s really hard to nail down what sort of genre or style I tend to play in. I’ll even do AC/DC! 😛

I play music.  It’s my meditation, and my medicine.  It calms me when I’m twitching out of my skin, it regenerates me when I’m running on empty; it is my connection to the world around me.

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