House Concerts

House concerts are quickly becoming our favourite way not only to perform, but to really CONNECT with our fans.

The intimate nature of a concert in your home, yard, etc makes for an extremely unique musical experience that we want to share with you!

What exactly is a house concert? Well Wikipedia says this:



A house concert or home concert is a musical concert or performance art that is presented in someone’s home or apartment, or a nearby small private space such as a barn, apartment rec room, lawn, or back yard. Pretty simple!

Here’s how it works:

  • You make sure there are at least 15-20 adults (friends, family, neighbors)
  • You provide a comfortable place for us all to gather.
  • We come to your house and play for FREE!

Most frequently asked question:

Q: “How can you make money playing free house concerts?”

A: We bring merchandise with us (cd’s, shirts, etc.) and if you feel we’ve “earned it” we encourage donations as well.

If this sounds like fun to you, please contact us and we’ll put it together for you! We love music and more importantly, we love connecting with people through the music.


House Concert Cartoon

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