Happy Mother’s Day

original_mothers-day-mummy-mother-s-day-cardWhenever I can afford to (which isn’t as often or as much as I would like), I love spending time with, and spoiling my mum on Mother’s day.

Not because I feel like I owe it to her for all her years of dedicated care, or because I feel obligated to do so by consumer advertising or social pressure. I do it because I like putting a smile on her face; the kind of weepy, slightly embarrassed smile that comes from being touched deeply. It looks good on her, and I like being the cause of it.

Perhaps there are other mothers who were more of the boo-boo-kissing, cookie-baking, hand-holding-at-the-sick-bed types, but my mother was, and is, formidable.

She taught me how to unravel a problem; how to look deeper, when to push, when to wait and see. By her own journey of self-exploration, and by her honesty, she gave me insight into my own inner journey.

There were a lot of things that happened in my childhood that she couldn’t possibly have foreseen, or planned for even if she had, and perhaps she wasn’t perfect. But I’m glad that she could share her imperfections with me; because none of us is perfect. Even Mom. And learning to understand and accept her flaws and imperfections helps me to accept the flaws in myself.

Not a bad gift to give your kids, right? Well worth some flowers and a nice luncheon at a fancy restaurant.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mum. Love you bunches and bunches. <3


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