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As I lay in the bath letting 3 days worth of sweat, soot, and grime soak from skin, I realized that I have a lot more cuts, scrapes, and bruises than I’d originally thought. Which must mean that I had an even better time than I knew, since I didn’t even NOTICE doing this much damage to myself.

SUPER KUDOS AND THANKS to Dezz, Ken, & Aric for being such amazing campers! I can be a bit bull-headed & hard to handle at times, and definitely had a LOT of high hopes & expectations for the trip and you’d think that might’ve set me up for some disappointments along the way, but these guys came through in STELLAR form!!!

Dezz was WAY more outdoors-y than I’d expected, and was getting right in there helping to set up and tear down, collecting and processing wood, tending the fire, and EXPERTLY managing to embark and disembark us from each land mass I got it in my happy little heart to explore. We even paddled through what I honestly believe to have been about 1000 wasps without a single one of them even getting riled up. (We’d paddled INTO the weeds surrounding wasp-island without realizing, and had to very GINGERLY paddle our way back out).

Even when Ken’s super-old paddle broke, he barely missed a stroke before pulling out his enormous longbow (which is quite a piece of art by the way; I’ll keep bugging him to post pics) and using it as a makeshift paddle. It looked like a bitch to weild and will probably leave him with some sore shoulders for a day or two, but it was actually surprisingly effective, and the next day we went back for the spare paddle (Good thinking Aric!) and continued on adventuring. 😀

We had AMAZING weather for most of the weekend, and even the rain and wind we did have just made everybody pull together to guy-line the tents down (seriously, the tents were half-collapsing under the strain of the high winds we got on Saturday night). We spent the weekend exploring the area in the canoes, learning some new skills, and eating LIKE KINGS! 😀

Aric even caught us a beautiful large mouth bass, which we cleaned and cooked (YAY to Ken for thinking to bring some spices along!) and it was MFing DELICIOUS! He also caught a really big pike, but we literally had TOO MUCH food to possibly eat, so back in the lake he went.

The whole weekend exceeded my expectations in every possible way, and even the few tense moments we had have just served to make it mean all that much more to me that I have such great people to have such an amazing experience with. I’d love to post a ton of pics for ya’ll, but to be perfectly honest; we were having WAY too good a time to be thinking about it for the most part.

There are a few, so I’ll bug the boyos to post em! Already planning the next trip 😀

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