$1000 on a ukulele?!?!

$1000 UkuleleYou can buy a beginner’s Denver ukulele for about $40 CAN and it will play any song you ask of it, especially if you’re sticking to chords. Even so, you’ll notice a few chords being particularly difficult to play (Bb is a bitch) because the action’s a bit high, and if you start wandering up the fretboard towards the sound hole (like throwing a finishing note at the octave above tonal) it’ll sound vaguely out of tune because of intonation issues.

My ukulele was the best one in L&M at the time, and I know this because Dezz played every uke in the store before picking out my baby **known as Uke-lady, named by Dezz’s daughter Sophia one afternoon when she mis-pronounced “ukulele”** and just the basic uke cost about $400. Add to that a $300 pickup and about $200 for its installation and you’re at $1230.57, including taxes.

Do you need an expensive ukulele? Hell no. Grab a $40 Denver and I promise you that within the week, you’ll know if this is something you want to pursue. If it is, you’ll drift towards the right ukulele for you. Perhaps it will be something expensive, or perhaps it’ll be a cheap hand-me-down, or one of these badass WATERPROOF ukuleles! (DEFINITELY on my need-to-have list, and perfect for my original tune “Soakin’ Up Wine” – soon to be released on our 2nd album “Bathroom Sessions”


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