Busking From Your Livingroom?

Busking From Your Livingroom?

What’s this you say?

Jam in my pyjamas in the comfort of my living room and have an audience of people from around the world?  And those people are an awesome community of performers, artists, and artist-supporters who share and collaborate with each other?

AND they can TIP ME via PayPal?  And share it to their Facebook and Twitter friends?


We downloaded the Busker app (only available for iPhone users at the moment, but expect that to change) about a week ago now, and I’m already a huge fan.  Not just of the app; which is super-easy to use and produces outstanding audio and video quality streams; but also of the other incredibly talented musicians, artists and good people I’ve met so far.

Everyone’s been really welcoming and genuine, and believe it or not, we’ve even made a few tips already!
Some of my favourites are Sara Garber, JoyCanSeeYou, Francesco and Mary Desmond, so if you can, go download the app and check them out for yourself.  Trust me, it’s worth the effort to hear these guys!

As a watcher I get to listen to some outstanding performances, talk with the artists and just soak up the general vibe of being around a lot of other really cool people doing their thing.

The folks at Busker are even saying that within the next month or so, they’ll be rolling out a new feature that lets you sell your albums *and possibly other merch* via the app as well, so expect another report when that happens to let you know all the cool deets.

In the meantime, hope I’ll see some of our awesome musician and music loving friends start using the app and joining the community!  See you there!

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