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    Travelling Song – Official Video

    Huge thank you to Matthew McPhee and Crumb Budget Productions for the amazing job on our first official music video! This was a super fun experience and we’re looking forward to doing it again. Please check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments. Wooooo!!!!! 😀 

  • delirium

    My Shitty Little Heart – I cheated on Dezz

    I cheated on Dezz. I made out with a boy and there was some groping and grinding. I stopped it before it got any further, but it was already too late. And it’s even more terrible than that, because I’d confessed the infatuation before the cheating happened, and assured him that it wouldn’t, and then […]

  • Made by Darryl Van Gerven

    Camping 2.0 – Small Town Famous and a Very Scenic Poop

    So when I left you last we were headed back to the boatlaunch, having devastated the female patrons using the Tim Horton’s bathroom in Bobcaygeon and picked up all our forgotten supplies (including toilet paper) … When we got back, we saw two guys and a dog leaving.  They were the ones who’d been staying […]

  • Beaver

    More Camping! aka ‘How I destroyed a Tim Horton’s bathroom’

    After two showers and a bath, my hair still smells like campfire. Sadly Dezz couldn’t make it out (no one works harder than someone who’s starting their own business), so the ever-intrepid Aric Malcolm and I packed off to Nogies’ Creek again this past weekend, even though we were forecasted to get rain literally the […]